In Case of an Emergency

At P.A.W.S. Pet Hospital, we’re happy to provide emergency veterinary care to patients with urgent needs any time during our office hours. Whatever the emergency, your loved one will be our foremost priority. We can also keep pets at our facility during the day if they need to be monitored or receive periodic treatments.

If your animal companion is having an emergency, we request that you contact us ahead of time at (651) 400-1180 so we can prepare for your arrival. This will cut down on waiting time and allow us to attend to your pet as soon as they come through the door.

Emergency Veterinary Care Referrals

Should your pet require immediate emergency care outside of our office hours, we recommend taking them to one of the referral centers below. We’ve also included the Pet Poison Helpline in case your pet has consumed a poisonous or potentially poisonous substance.