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Senior Cat Wellness Plan – $59.99/month

Thank you for choosing us to help care and protect your cherished family member!

We are here to help you with everything from nose-to-tail exams, vaccines, nutrition, oral health and behavior questions.

By design, our preventive care plans provide pet owners with peace of mind.  You can be confident you are providing the ultimate preventive medicine care for your pets.  While at the same time being able to spread the cost of the care over 12 months and giving a 5% discount on services and products not included in the plan.

Senior Cat Plan Includes:

  • Annual Preventive Care Examination
  • Bi-annual Preventive Care Examination
  • 2 Intestinal Parasite Screenings
  • 2 Diagnostic Screenings – Includes Chemistry, Complete Blood Count, Thyroid Panel and Urinalysis
  • Feline Leukemia/Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Test
  • Cystocentesis
  • Blood Pressure Evaluation
  • Core Vaccinations as Recommended by Veterinarian- Includes FVRCP, Feline Leukemia and Rabies
  • 2 Complimentary Nail Trims

We look forward to meeting you and your cat!  Please request an appointment today.